Mobile Auto Detailing - York, PA

Make My Auto Shine - 717-476-0166

I strive to  provide my clients with the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction. 

I value the opportunity to serve you and I will treat with you with courtesy and respect.

For most people, auto cleaning and detailing is not fun or convenient. I want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. I genuinely care about your car along with your experience, and it shows. By offering a high quality service at a very reasonable price, it is my goal to earn your repeat business.

I do not offer headliner cleaning, seat removal, carpet extraction, cigarette burn repair, upholstery repair, wet or dry sanding, rotary machine buffing, ceramic/polymer paint sealant application, touch up painting, dent removal, wheel removal, wheel resurfacing, pin-striping, or headlight restoration.

I do offer superior customer service (please see the customer comments in the testimonials section of my website) and a far lower price point than my competitors (who charge between $185 and $239 for similar services).  I can offer this lower price point because I do not have the overhead of a physical shop. 

My mobility and willingness to respond to your home or business benefits you in two very specific ways:

  1. I have a lower overhead and pass along those savings to you.

  2. It is far more convenient for you have your vehicle serviced at your location, thus negating the need for you to arrange for a drop off, pick up or loaner car.

I started detailing cars many years ago and this "hobby" has transitioned into a part-time business that I am thankful for.  I am employed in education on a full time basis, so I am available in the late afternoon/evening hours during the week, most of the day on Saturday, Sunday in the mid-day/afternoon and most times throughout the summer months.

​I look forward to serving you and making your vehicle shine.