​​Further explanation:

-Trim Restoration - Using Solution Finish, faded and oxidize trim plastic trim pieces are turned "back to black."
- Machine polishing (a.k.a. Paint Correction) - Remember when your car was new and how clear and shiny the paint was?  Over time, scratches develop in the clear coat of your paint.  These scratches can be minimized or eliminated by paint correction.  This involves using a dual action polisher that is a random orbital, variable speed machine.  After washing and claying a vehicle, polish (one-step) or compound then polish (two-step) is hand applied to the paint.  It is then machine polished and buffed.  A sealant is then applied on top to protect the newly restored finish.  The results are well worth the effort
- Headlight restoration - headlights are cleaned, wet-sanded using increasingly fine grits of sandpaper, polished and then waxed resulting in increased visibility and greatly improved aesthetics.

The price will increase if the vehicle:
-is more than 15 miles away from 17408
-has excessive dirt, mud, pet hair, gas spills, milk spills, human or animal soiling
-has black paint and needs to be detailed in full sun

The price will decrease if the vehicle:
-is already in mint condition and just needs to be "dialed in"
-already has a ceramic coating (please tell me this when scheduling so I don't void your warranty)
-is done in conjunction with another vehicle detailed at the same time

Recommended frequency of service:
VIP detail - two to three times per year
Paint correction - once per year during your first detail after winter
Steam cleaning - once per year during your first detail after winter or during a "Pre-Sale detail"

Comparison shopping:
I strongly encourage you to shop around.  Some detailers do minimal services for low prices and focus on volume detailing.  Other detailers have really nice facilities with expensive machines and this overhead forces them to price on the high end.  If you are looking for wheels off restoration type of detailing or application of ceramic coatings (which should be done in a climate controlled environment) then that may be the path that you take. 

If you are shopping purely based on the lowest price or you need it done with very little notice, I may not be the best fit for you.  I don't like to turn down work, but there are times when I do so if I feel I will not be the best fit for you or if I am unable to detail your vehicle as quickly as you may need it done (I detail on a part time basis in addition to my full time job).   

I have purposefully positioned myself as someone who can deliver the most value and the highest level of service at your location.  I take extra steps like claying, polishing and sealing your paint that add value to the purchase.  I also believe that the fewer times you wash your vehicle the better because you install micro-abrasions every time you wash a vehicle.  Repeatedly taking a car to a car wash is brutal on the paint and it is best to avoid them if you will be holding on to your vehicle long-term and you want to protect your clear coat.

While it is difficult to quote a vehicle without seeing it in person, I am happy to speak with you over the phone so that I can give you the best possible estimate given your specific situation.  One of the factors we should discuss is how do you use your vehicle and what do you intend to do with it.  Some examples of past customers' desires for getting detailing done can be found below:

Daily Driver:
A daily driven vehicle needs as much protection as possible.  Granted the fewer times you wash your vehicle the better so when you do have it detailed it is wise to clean, disinfect and protect the vehicle, especially if you will be holding on to it long-term.  These vehicles usually have paint chips, scratches, bug etching and surface dirt.

In speaking with dealers who develop trade-in pricing for customers, a good detail can increase the value of the vehicle between $350 and $500.  For a pre-sale detail, I focus on what will increase the aesthetics of the vehicle and not what will give you long-term protection.  I also (upon request) will take pictures (usually 15 or so) in order to provide you will photos of the vehicle after it has been freshly cleaned for you to upload when listing the vehicle online.

Lease Surrender:
Prior to the end of your lease term, your vehicle will be evaluated by a third party company whose job it is to find common problems and assigning a penalty value to you that will be due when you terminate your lease.  Some of these penalties can be minimized and if your intent on contracting with me is to have it show as nicely as possible for the lease-end inspection, please be explicit in telling me so when you schedule the detail.

Car Show:
If you are having your vehicle detailed in advance of a car-show, please tell me so when scheduling.  The weather leading up to the show, the distance you will travel to the show and the storage of your vehicle while at the venue all play in to what should be done to maximize your investment in detailing.

Custom packages and maintenance detailing for repeat customers is one of my favorite parts of this business!  Do not hesitate to ask about either.  

 Most detailing services in our area will cost you between $175 and $400 and will likely not include all of the steps that I perform.  Also, you may have to drop your car off at a detailing center and then wait there until it is done or arrange for transportation to and from your home.  But, because I am mobile, it is not only more convenient for you, but also far more reasonably priced!  I will come to your house or office to perform this service while you do something more productive with your time.​

- Payment can be made using cash or check.

- Approximate completion time below is based on a four door sedan in good condition.

- Additional charges may apply based on the condition of the vehicle or for pet hair clean up.

Gift Certificates - I will gladly create a custom gift certificate for you to print up and present to the recipient.

Want to see the steps I take in a typical detail?  Click on the thumbnail to the right.

Detailing - Make My Auto Shine

Mobile Auto Detailing - York, PA

Make My Auto Shine 717-476-0166

Busy Schedule?  Dirty Car?  Problem Solved!

VIP Detail - takes approximately 2.5 to 4 hours (includes both interior and exterior)

RV, trailer and custom work = please call for pricing



  • Pre-rinse, hand washed then rinsed
  • Use a clay bar to remove bonded contaminants from clear coated painted surfaces
  • Polish the paint (using Klasse AIO, or Meguiar’s M205)
  • Apply a 6 month polymer paint sealant (Meguiar's Ultimate Fast Finish)
  • Polish chrome exhaust tips
  • Clean wheel surfaces, tires and apply tire dressing



  • Shampoo and vacuum floor mats, carpets, trunk and cloth seating
  • All interior glass is cleaned with an Isopropyl Alcohol mixture
  • Apply Griot’s Leather Cleaner and Conditioner
  • Clean and wax door jambs and remove scuff marks on kick plates
  • Wipe down/clean and dress plastic surfaces using Aerospace 303 UV protectant


  Additional Services (explanations are below):

  • $100 for Machine Polishing using a Dual-Action/Random Orbital Polisher (Meguiar's M105 Compound and/or Meguiar's M205 Polish)
  • $20 to apply Fabric & Carpet Protection (3M Scotchguard Auto Interior Carpet and Fabric Protector)
  • $40 for Exterior Black Trim Restoration (Solution Finish)
  • $40 Headlight Restoration - when done with a detail (3M Medium Duty Headlight Restoration Kit) 
  • Debadging & sticker removal = call for pricing